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Bubble Gum Natural Soy Candle



Sweet and ultimately youth. Our bubble gum will take you back to the yellow and blue wrapped hunk of juicy goodness of years gone by.

Our Candles…
  • are made with a natural soybean wax, cotton core and coreless wicks, and complimented with premium fragrance oils.
  • never have additives such as paraffin, vybar or non-vegetable stearic acid.
  • are hand-poured and wicked in small batches.
  • use quality fragrances and are scented above the industry standard.
  • burn longer.
  • the fragrance lasts the entire life of the candle.
  • burn clean, with little carbon build up (soot).
  • any soot deposits can be cleaned with soap and water.
  • contain no pesticides or herbicides.
  • are biodegradable.
  • are made ecologically, striving to use nothing but non-genetically modified soybeans.
  • in case of a spill they clean up with soap and hot water.
  • are environmentally friendly, promoting the growth and care of the environment by utilizing, a renewable resource.
  • are poured into reusable and recyclable glass containers. Even most of our plastic packaging materials are corn based and biodegradable which reduces our carbon footprint.
  • use waxes that are made from domestically-grown crops, supporting United States based farmers and our local economy.
For a highly scented space & sensory experience, enjoy our soytarts & wickless jars and for ambience and less intense fragrance enjoy our soy candles.
Please note: All container candles will be dye free. Tarts may contain dyes.


 Made to order in Montana. Ships in 3-5 business days.

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