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Acts of kindness

Most of us want to make a positive difference in the world. We want to get to know our neighbors, volunteer in our community, and reunite with those we miss but we are sooooo busy and we don't know where to start. We totally get it! 

Grow With Kindness is all about helping busy people just like you make a positive difference without a huge time or money investment. Actually, you can make a big difference as you do the things that you already do (whaaaaat?).

Volunteer ideas

Since 2010 our founder has lead thousands of volunteers in projects throughout the community to help children, the environment, the poor and homeless, veterans, and the sick. This is her jam! For three years our founder has shared positive and touching (aka Kleenex alert) stories on social media. When she's not walking for Down syndrome, she's running for the veterans. Her passion is to help people help other people and the environment.

environmentally friendly gifts

Grow With Kindness helps busy people do good in 4 ways:

  1. Provides inspiring stories and quotes on social media that can can be shared with a little click
  2. Provides information and ideas on how to make a positive difference
  3. Offers quality products made using sustainable materials (like recycled items or grown with healthy practices) that you can feel good about purchasing for your familiy and friends
  4. Offers handmade products created by artists who are working to escape poverty, exploitation (like human trafficking), or isolation

Now go! Shop to make a difference, join our email newsletter, then click on our social media links for inspiration to share