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Our Values

Fair Trade

All of our imported goods are made under fair trade standards.

Fair Labor Practices

No matter where the item comes from it has been made using fair labor practices. These include a safe workplace and competitive pay, usually higher than the local area. 

Sustainable Materials

Healthy for the earth is healthy for your family. Our items are made using natural materials, recycled materials, and when possible, organic materials. 

Helping Others

Many of our artisans around the world are working to escape poverty, isolation, and abuse. Purchasing their art pieces help them, their families, and their communities. We work with companies who believe in giving back. One of our partners donates meals to orphans in Africa with every purchase. 

Made in the USA

As much as we love helping artists around the world, we really love supporting American companies. The USA companies we work with provide jobs to their small communities and use local materials to create products. We are always searching for US suppliers who make the highest quality items using sustainable materials.

Making a Local Impact

We encourage everyone to look, see, and act. Look around your neighborhood and community. See the needs. Then, act. Don't wait for someone else to organize an elaborate project. Look at your own resources (time, talents, influence, money) and use them to meet the needs in your own neighborhood and community. If you have the passion, you can find the solution. It's usually easier than you think.